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Have you ever purchased a gift for someone special and later felt a little disappointed that it wasn’t quite as personal, special or fitting for the occasion as you would have liked? Or perhaps you just wanted something personalized to commemorate or celebrate a special milestone in life? Well, I sure have …And that is how Beauty for Ashes Gifts, LLC was born!

Hello, my name is Donna. I am a retired classroom teacher, and my husband was a COBOL programmer/analyst for main frame computers way back in the day. In 2003 we began blending our talents together and made a huge purchase, for us at the time, a laser engraver. As a 1st grade teacher, I had a keen eye for anything visual while my husband had a talent for software and the technical graphics involved with a laser engraver. We began creating our own designs for wood plaques from start to finish, cutting, planing, sanding, and finishing the raw wood in our humble little wood shop tucked back behind our old farmhouse. Soon we were designing and crafting everything from educational games, engraved and personalized for my 1st graders, to personalized gifts and treasures for family and friends.

In 2005 our humble little wood shop nearly burnt to the ground. A week later we salvaged what we could from the ashes. We took our woodworking power tools apart and used toothbrushes to clean ashes and fire retardant from the smallest parts. We laid them out, labeled, organized, and reassembled when they dried. Amazingly, most of those power tools fired back up. And that was our sign from heaven! By 2006 we launched Beauty for Ashes Gifts providing personalized gifts and custom work for weddings, bar mitzvahs, memorials, special events and occasions. Providing personalized gifts for those unforgettable moments in the lives of individuals and families became our passion.

In 2016 we closed up shop. With my retirement from teaching, we decided it was time to retire the laser as well and slow down our hectic pace a little. Somehow, however, we never lost the passion for making precious moments in life just a little more special whenever, and for whomever, we could. So last December, during Colorado’s coldest winter in 50 years, we went down to the basement, blew the dust off the laser, kicked the tires a little, and sure enough, she started right up! And that was our sign from heaven!

Times have changed since our beginnings in 2003, and our world seems a little crazier at times. But those meaningful times in life shared with friends, family, and even our precious pets have not. And we are here, once again, to help make those precious moments in life just a little more special.

We are looking forward to expanding into some exciting new trends, so visit us often and please join us on our journey.   Warm Regards, Donna – Beauty for Ashes Gifts

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