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Matthew Chapter 6, The Lords Prayer Engraved on Exotic Wood


Matthew Chapter 6, The Lords Prayer Engraved on Exotic Wood. This beautiful custom made wooden plaque is laser engraved with the LORD’s prayer from Matthew chapter 6 from the King James Version of the Bible.

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Matthew Chapter 6, The Lords Prayer Engraved on Exotic Wood


Matthew Chapter 6, The Lords Prayer Engraved on Exotic Wood

Introducing our exquisite “Matthew Chapter 6, The Lord’s Prayer Engraved on Exotic Wood” plaque.  This plaque is a timeless piece of artistry that beautifully captures the essence of a cherished Christian-Messianic scripture.  Crafted with precision and care, this stunning plaque is a testament to faith and devotion.   That makes it the perfect addition to your home or a heartfelt gift for someone dear.

Key Features:

  1. The Lord’s Prayer Engraved:  Immerse yourself in the profound words of Jesus.  Enjoy his Word as he spoke the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew  6, verses 9 through 13 while he teaches us.  Each word is meticulously engraved onto the rich, exotic wood, preserving its scriptural significance for generations to come.
  2. Exotic Wood Elegance:  Our plaque is made from native wood, renowned for its durability and natural beauty.  The wood’s unique grain and texture provide a striking backdrop for the engraved scripture.  Choose one of three exotic wood options: White Maple, Alder, and Cherry.
  3. Artistic Border Design:  Surrounding the sacred words of this plaque is an intricately designed graphic border.  This graphic border adds an artistic touch that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the plaque.
  4. Perfect Size:  With dimensions of approximately 8 inches in width and 10 inches in height.  This plaque is a versatile piece that can be prominently displayed on your wall or placed on a plaque stand.  Putting this plaque upon a upright stand allows it to grace any horizontal surface with its presence.
  5. Personalization Option:  To make this plaque truly special, we offer free personalization on the back. Commemorate a significant event or offer it as a meaningful gift with a personalized message, making it a cherished keepsake.

Embrace the serenity and spiritual depth of “The Lord’s Prayer” with our engraved wood plaque. Its exquisite craftsmanship and meaningful design will serve as a constant reminder of faith and prayer in your life.  Whether for your home, place of worship, or a thoughtful gift, this plaque is a timeless symbol of devotion.

Order yours today and let the enduring words of Jesus inspire and uplift you every day.  Make this beautiful piece a part of your spiritual journey and create lasting memories with those you love.


Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 10 in
Size of Plaque

10 inches long by 8 inches wide

Type of Wood

White Maple, Alder, Cherry


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